About is a website established and maintained as a place to share Riehle family history and to communicate with other family members, however distant.  We generally focus on those with the Riehle name, though some can trace their history back to ancestors that spelled the name differently and so our story includes some with these variations.  We hope to share, or facilitate the sharing of certain genetic information and connections, but without getting too personal about it.  Currently we maintain a number of family trees on but going forward we hope to review and, as appropriate, endorse publicly available family trees maintained by members of the various distinct Family Segments.

The site was begun in 2001 and is still managed and edited by Nick Riehle(1).  It is hosted by his daughter and son in-law, Jennifer and Cameron McFarland.

Much of our interest in documenting information about the family and much of the earliest information available to us came through our association with Joan (Riehle) Ruse (1931-2013)(2).  Joan was a very energetic student and researcher of Riehle family history, and published the Die Familie Riehle Genealogical Newsletter from 1981 to 1986.  With her permission, we had previously use the Die Familie Riehle moniker on many of our pages but for consistency sake we now publish all pages as, although we continue to use the logo when reprinting articles from Joan’s original newsletters.

We hope you enjoy the site, share it with other family members and participate actively. The site is more useful (and certainly more interesting to edit and maintain) with such participation.

  1. Ancestry of Nick Riehle (Joseph N. Riehle): Joseph E., Albert J, Francis A., and Clemens.
  2. Ancestry of Joan (Riehle) Ruse: Louis C., Francis A., and Clemens.

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