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Bartholomew Riehle – Offenburg to America (1794-1876)

Immigrant to Ross County Ohio and Farming Minnesota

The log house shown here was built by Bartholomew Riehle in the summer of 1838. The house and a family cemetery are located in Huntington Township in Ross County Ohio, just off Route 156 or Black Run Road. Bartholomew, his wife Ursula and a number of his children lived in this house from 1838 to 1866 when Bartholomew, disillusioned over the lose of  two of his sons in the Civil War, decided to sell this house and 500 acres of land to his son Heinrich (Henry) Riehle and his wife Phoebe. After the sale, Bartholomew and Ursula moved to Minnesota where they spent the rest of their lives.

With the help of several descendants of Bartholomew Riehle and with a document written by Bartholomew himself, we explore his life and legacy:

Offenburg Coat
of Arms
Here’s a picture of the five sons of Andrew Riehle who survived to adulthood, along with their mother, Sophia (Schmidt) Riehle. Standing, from left, are Charlie, Ferdinand, Frank and Henry Riehle. Seated next to his mother is Anselm. Andrew was a son of Bartholomew.
Estimated to have been taken 1915 – Photo provided by Jim Riehle, a grandson of Henry (More at this Link)

More information on the wives and children of Bartholomew is provided in Jack Riehle’s detailed article.  If you believe one of your ancestors is a grandchild or great-grandchild of Bartholomew please Reply below with whatever information you may have as we may be able to provide additional detail.

The following traces Batholomew’s 18th century ancestry
(More information available in “Trees“)

We would appreciate corrections or additional to this genealogy. Please leave comment below.


Grave located in Stearns County, MN 
This and top photograph
by Jack Riehle, Columbus Ohio

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