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Johann Georg Riehle – Wurtemberg to Washington State

We recently stumbled onto an interesting genealogy site out of the Maehringen area of the current German State of Baden-Württemberg. There we found Johann Georg Riehle (1879-1954) and his father Johann Georg Riehle (1853-1920). The younger Johann Georg moved to Washington State in 1902 married Edna Amelia Matilda Ulrich in 1911 and the two proceeded to have eight children, seven of whom survived to adulthood.

Johann Georg Riehle family in 1898 with son Johann Georg in the middle, back row
See link below for other family members and a later photo of the younger

Please see Rüdiger Kemmler’s article for more information on the family of Johann Georg Senior and for a very nice photo of the family of Johann Georg Junior approximately 50 years after he came to America.

Some Johann Georg Riehle Ancestors & Descendants

More Family Tree Detail for Johann Georg Riehle and
Other Mähringen & Wurtemberg Riehle Families

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