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DNA & Generic Genealogy

We recently expanded our coverage of genetic genealogy, providing an introduction to the topic and exploring its application to the various Riehle Family Segments we cover on the website. We now have the following articles related to the topic:

DNA Introduction
An introduction to genetic testing and its use with genetic genealogy.

Riehle Y-Haplogroups
Our Program to identify Y-DNA Haplogroups of Riehle men from across and within various Family Segments

Sons of the Legion ?
Our program to explore one such Y-DNA Haplogroup, tracing it back to it’s origins in the Balkans

Riehle Surname Project Established at Family Tree DNA
Information concerning the recent establishment of a “Riehle of Germanic Europe” Surname Project at Family Tree DNA

As always we encourage participation but especially around this topic as we attempt to help you identify your genetic roots while helping us confidentially document the Y-DNA characteristics of our various ancestors across diverse Family Segments.

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