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Riehle Family Trees

We are listing here Riehle related public family trees on Ancestry.com, or elsewhere as available. These trees or the various links provided for them are intended to correspond to our designated “Riehle Family Segments.” In a couple of cases, where two or more Immigrant Ancestors are part of a common tree, we provide multiple links to a particular tree.

If you have a tree for any segment which you think might better represent that segment we would be interested in reviewing your tree and, hopefully, providing an endorsement and link. More generally, if you are interested in otherwise providing input to or managing content for a Family Segment, please reply below.

To view these trees you will need to have access to the Ancestry.com website:

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Wagshurst Baden Tree:
The following are links into a single tree capturing Riehle Family members from the Town of Wagshurst in Baden:
Riehle.Net Link: Clemens Riehle – Wagshurst to Southern Ohio
Tree Location Link: Clemens Riehle (1833-1927)
Riehle.Net Link: Martin Riehle – Wagshurst to Western New York
Tree Location Link: Martin Riehle (1831-1922)
Riehle.Net Link: Hyazinth Riehle – Wagshurst to Where?
Tree Location Link: Hyazinth Riehle (b.1786)
Riehle.Net Link: Felix Riehle – Wagshurst to Southern Indiana
Tree Location Link: Felix Riehle (1796-1868)
Riehle.Net Link: Conrad Riehle, Son of Felix  – Wagshurst to Iowa
Tree Location Link: Conrad Riehle (1828-1881)
Riehle.Net Link: Ignaz Heinrich (Henry) Riehle – Wagshurst to Indiana
Tree Location Link: Ignaz Henry Riehle (1828-1903)
Riehle.Net Link: Adrian Riehle – Wagshurst to Cincinnati & Union Army
– Tree Location Link: Adrian Edward Riehle (1840–1905)
Mähringen Wuerttenburg Tree:
The following are links into a single tree capturing Riehle Family members, primarily from Mähringen (south of Tuebingen) in the old Kingdom of Württemberg.
Riehle.Net Link: Johann Jakob Riehle – Mähringen to New York City
Tree Location Link: Johann Jakob Riehle
Riehle.Net Link: Johann Adam Riehle – Mähringen to Defiance, OH
Tree Location Link: Johann Adam Riehle
Riehle.Net Link: Sabastion Christian Riehle – Mähringen to Indiana
Tree Location Link: Sabastion Christian Riehle
Riehle.Net Link: Johann Georg Riehle – Mähringen to Wash. State
Tree Location Link: Johann Georg Riehle

Other Trees & Ancestral Details:

Riehle.Net Link: Joseph Riehle – Sabach (Achern) Baden to Lafayette IN
– Also his brothers Wilhelm to Lafayette and
Carl along with his four immigrant children to Kansas City
Tree: Joseph Riehle (1831-1893) Achern, Baden to Lafayette IN

Riehle.Net Link: Joseph E. Riehle of Erlach, Baden to Upstate NY
– Also brothers Martin and Armund Riehle of Erlach, Baden to Cincinnati
Tree Link: Frantz Joseph Riehle & Sons

Riehle.Net Link: Bartholomew Riehle – Offenburg Baden to Ross Co. OH & Farming MN
Tree: Bartholomew Riehle (1794-1876) – Offenburg

Riehle.Net Link: Ludwig Riehl – Germany to Pennsylvania
(Many of Ludwig’s descendants spell their name “Riehle”)
Detailed Family Group Sheet: Ludwig Riehl (1746-1806)

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If you have any difficulty finding one of the above family
trees, are interested in hosting a Family Segment or have
any questions, please reply below.

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