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Robert A. Riehle & his WWII Service in the Pacific

Lt. Riehle (top left) & Crew

Robert Arthur Riehle (1920–2012) served in the Pacific Theater during World War II as a bomber pilot in the US Army Air Force. He achieved the rank of First Lieutenant by the end of the war and although later offered the rank of Captain as a post-war squadron commander, this non-flight assignment was not of interest to him. His active service spanned the period from 1942 to 1946, including basic, officer, and flight training programs.

Robert A. Riehle at Interview – 2001

An extensive interview as part of a personal historic narrative project was conducted by Tracey McCullough and Cindy Mahaffey at the Clermont County Ohio Public Library in 2001. We encourage anyone interested in his story to click on the link above.

Robert’s Immigrant Ancestor was Armand Riehle (1823-1899) who came from Erlach, Baden, a small hamlet about 8 km from Wagshurst. We believe there is a very good chance this branch of the family shares a common lineage with the Wagshurst Riehle lineage and if you are a direct, all male-to-male descendant of this line with the Riehle surname you can easily help us determine if that is the case. Please leave a comment below if you wish to help.

More on Military Service:

  • Aircraft Piloted: B-24 Liberator
  • Theater: Asia/Pacific/Philippines
  • Accommodations:
    •  Purple Heart
    • Asiatic Pacific Ribbon with 3 bronze stars
    • Philippine Liberation ribbon with a bronze star

Known Riehle Ancestry:

  • Jakob Riehle (1760– unknown)
    b: 1760 • Baden
  • Frantz Joseph Riehle (unverified) (1791–1826)
    b: 14 May 1791e – Erlach, Baden
    d: 22 Jan 1826 – Erlach, Baden
  • Armand Riehle (1823-1899) 
    b: 20 Oct 1823 – Erlach, Baden 
    d: 16 Oct 1899 – Near St Bernard, OH
  • Frank Amand Riehle
    b: Jan 1862 – Cincinnati, OH
    d: 25 March, 1925 • San Diego County, California
  • Frank Amand Riehle
    b: 08 Jul 1888 – Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio
    d: 10 Jun 1957 – San Diego, CA
  • Robert Arthur Riehle
    b: 11 Jul 1920 – San Diego, California
    d: 18 Oct 2012 Cincinnati, Ohio
B-24 Liberator

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