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From 1982 through 1985 Joan Riehle Ruse published a newsletter which for many of us was our first link with Riehle family genealogy.  We are exploring the transcription of these newsletters with links from the Riehle.Net site. Meanwhile, if you think any of these topics may help with your research, please leave a comment below to request a copy of the article of interest.
Vol. I, No. 1, February, 1982           
– Family Issue; The FRANCIS ALBERT RIEHLE Family, Perintown, Ohio;
– Perin’s Mills, Clermont County, Ohio;
– Baden & Alsace – Historical Orientation
Vol I, No. 2, June 1982
– The Alemanni – History of a Southwest German Tribe;
– Birthplace of Clemens & Martin Riehle?;
– The Riehle Family of Ross County, OH;
– The Riehl Family of Lancaster & Union Counties, PA.
Vol. I, No. 3, September 1982
– REV. JAMES L. RIEHLE, C.S.C., University of Notre Dame and the HONORABLE JAMES F. RIEHLE, Mayor of Lafayette, Indiana;
– The Riehle Foundation;
– Beatrice Bayley & Coats of Arms;
– Our Palatine Ancestors: NICOLAUS RUHL & ANNA CATHARINE RUHL, Schoharie County, NY & PA.
Vol I, No. 4, December, 1982
– The MARTIN RIEHLE Family, East Hamburg, Erie County, NY;
– REV. JOHN F. MOHR, a Riehle in-law; 
O Tannebaum; German Christmas Traditions;
– Misc. references from printed sources – Illinois, New York, Wisconsin
Vol. II, No. 1, March, 1983
– The CLEMENS RIEHLE Family, Perintown, Ohio;
– The Squirrel Hunters Regiment, Civil War;
– The JOSEPH REEL Family of Sharpsburg, Washington County, MD;
– Misc. Maryland Records;
– The RILEY Newsletter
Vol. II, No. 2, June 1983
– The CLEMENZ RIEHLE Family, Colden, New York;
– Germans in Buffalo, NY;
– The RUHL Family of York County, PA;
– Tombstone Inscriptions of Union County, PA;
– Passenger List – “Coriolan” from Bremen.
Vol. II, No. 3, September, 1983
– The EDWARD RIEHLE Family, Owensville, Ohio;
– Dr. Jean-Ellen Giblin, NYC, Riehle Descendant;
– The Migration of NICHOLAS RUHL – Schoharie Valley and Tulpehocken; – Tombstone Inscriptions of Union County, PA, Part II.
Vol. II, No. 4, December 1983
The JOHN GEORGE RIEHLE Family of Orchard Park, NY;
– BARTHOLOMEW & URSULA RIEHLE, Baden-Ohio-Wisconsin;
– Passenger Arrivals at Baltimore 1820-1834;
– REEL/REALL Records of Grant County, West Virginia
Vol. III, No. 1, March, 1984
– RIEHLE Family, Wagshurst, Baden, Germany (Wagshurst Discovered);
– Searching in Germany;
– RUEHLE Farm Museum, Waterloo, Mich;
– Misc. Records – No. Carolina; Penn. German Church Records – Part I.
Vol. III, No. 2, June, 1984
– German Cousins; The VALENTIN RIEHLE Family, Wagshurst, Baden;
– Misc. Records – Indiana, No. Carolina;
– Subscriber’s Interest Listings;
– Pennsylvania German Church Records, Part II;
– Mennonite Records.
Vol. III, No. 3, September, 1984
– The GEORGE C. RIEHLE Family, Warren County, Ohio;
– Immigrants to Pennsylvania;
– International Genealogical Index – France, Baden, Ohio;
– Ohio Mortality Schedule, 1850.
Vol. III, No. 4, December 1984
– The JOHAN GEORG RIEHLE Home, Baden, Germany;
– RIEHLES lost in America;
– Misc. Records – Maryland, No. Carolina, Michigan, Missouri, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Virginia.
Vol. IV, No. 1, March, 1985
– The CLEMENCE RIEHLE Family, South Dakota;
– Immigrants to Pennsylvania, Part II;
– Misc. Records – Ohio, No. Carolina, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Maryland;
– Illinois 1850 Census Index.
Vol. IV, Nos. 2 & 3, June/September 1985
– Missing Riehles found in Indiana;
– The RUHL Family of Union County, PA;
– Misc. Records – Ohio;
– Catholic Archives – New Jersey, Detroit, Boston, Little Rock, California, Germany, London, Rome. Knights of Columbus, USA

Please leave a comment below to request a copy of the article of interest

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