DNA Connections

We would like to facilitate use of the various DNA testing services to connect Riehle relatives.  The obvious choices here seem to be and 23andMe.  We can help coordinate this to some extent for 23andMe but less so for Ancestry as we do not have access to’s DNA services.  Anyone who does have access to’s DNA service and who might like to coordinate discussion concerning this service, please let us know.

For 23andMe, we encourage all who have DNA information with that site to update your settings to show as much information as you are comfortable with, but especially to update the “DNA Relatives” settings.  Here it is helpful to enter “Riehle” under the option labeled, “What are your ancestors’ family names”.  This will make it easier for others who are identified as DNA Relatives to connect with you through a search using Riehle as the keyword.  Of course it is probably also desirable for you to identify such other surnames as are of interest to you.

Please leave your comments and question regarding DNA services here or at the related blog page and we will get back to you as appropriate.

See Riehle Male (Y) Haplogroups

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