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Riehle Male Y-Haplogroups

We are trying to get a better sense for the genetic ancestry and commonality of the various Riehle lines. While autosomal DNA (atDNA) dilutes over a limited number of generations, Y-DNA and mt-DNA remain distinctive over hundreds of generations. Many of us attempt to track our mtDNA as well as Y-DNA back as far as we can, but since this site is focused on a specific surname and since surnames in our culture have generally been passed from father to son along with the Y chromosome, tracking Y-haplogroups among Family Segments has relevance to the focus of this website.

We all understand of course that not all Riehle Y-DNA will be the same due to adoptions or other variations that can creep into the family line over hundreds of years. All are fully legitimate representations of the Riehle family and we would endeavor to identify these individual haplogroups within Family Segments while also looking for genetic linkage among segments. It goes without saying that to do this we need participation across the various Family Segments.

So we are attempting to tie the various results to Riehle Immigrant Ancestors or other broad family identifiers. More data will yield  better insights, so please do not hold back just because there may already be results for your ancestral line.  More listings with the same haplogroups and ancestors provide better information, as does information related to additional haplogroups.

We will of course want to have information about your earliest known Riehle male ancestors and about adoptions or other reasons why your Y-DNA might vary from that of your early Riehle ancestor. Nothing will go on this table without your review and approval but such context will be helpful regardless.

Y-HaplogroupImmigrant Ancestor or Similar Family Tie
(Sub-clad detail available)
E-V13 results are from a 23andMe test from the line of Clemens Riehle of Wagshurts, Baden and Southwestern Ohio. Various Autosomal DNA matches (primarily on Ancestry.com) link to other Riehle family members back through Johannes Riehle (1756–1828) with descendants in Ohio, NY, Indiana, Kentucky, Arizona, etc. Subsequent and more detailed testing (FamilyTree DNA “Big Y” test) explores more Y chromosome variant detail which can be shared with other E-V13 matches. (See next block re. Y-DNA matches back through Mathias Riehle.)
E-V13 (No sub-clad detail available but likely same as above – the frequency of E-V13 in central and southern Germany is reported to be only 3%-10%Results are from a 23andMe test from the line of Felix and Leonhard Riehle of Wagshurts, Baden and Southeastern Indiana. Descendants spread to Wisconsin, Iowa and other parts of the country. The common ancestor with Clemens and Johannes Riehle (above) is Mathias Riehle (1697-1748). It is unlikely the relatively rare E-V13 in both lines is coincidental and it is thus likely that Mathias, Felix, etc. were all E-V13 and share many additional variants identified in the FamilyTree DNA “Big Y” test discussed above.
R-S6168 A deep subclade of L21, aka R1b1a1a2a1a2c, aka R1b- R1b-M529The Y-DNA described to the left is from the line of Bartholomew Riehle (via son Andrew) of Offenburg, Baden with descendants in Ross County Ohio, Farming Minnesota, North Dakota and elsewhere.

There is a second, older, less precise reading of simply R1b1 from another Bartholomew Riehle descendant (via his son Ferdinand). This less specific reading may reflects the same haplogroup as above.

Curiously, there is autosomal DNA information available suggesting there might be a direct, all male-male DNA link between the Wagshurts line and the line of Bartholomew Riehle (via son Henry). This is inconclusive but suggests Bartholomew may have been from haplogroup E-V13 (see above), raising the possibility that the R1b1 readings are anomalistic. Help Wanted – See Article
R1b1-S21, aka R-M405, aka R-U106, aka
From a Riehle in Germany near Stuttgart (Württemberg). This haplogroup is held by about 19% of men in Germany. We welcome other Württemberg or other German Riehle descendants to participate.

Come on Riehle boys, help us out with this! Please reply below with your information or get tested with 23andMe or another testing services that include haplogroup information. Please contact us (below) to discuss testing services or costs. All responses will be kept confidential unless and until you agree to allow it to appear.

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