Riehle Male Y-Haplogroup

We are trying to get a better sense of the genetic ancestry of the Riehle line.  Clearly, even with the male (Y) haplogroup we are not all going to be the same due to adoptions or other variations that can creep into the family line.  All are legitimate representations of the Riehle family, so for all you Riehle guys out there that have done genetic testing, please contribute.

We are attempting to tie the various results to the Riehle immigrants or other broad family identifiers. More data will yield  better insights, so please do not hold back just because there are results for your ancestral line already.  More listings with the same haplogroup and ancestor provide better information, as does information related to additional haplogroups. Please provide the most distant direct Riehle ancestor you know of, preferably your immigrant ancestor or beyond.

If you know of adoptions or other reasons why your results might vary from the immigrant, please describe the situation.  Nothing will go on this table without your review and approval but such context will be helpful regardless.

Y-HaplogroupImmigrant Ancestor or Similar Family Tie
E-V13, aka E1b1b1a1b1a
Subclade of E-M78 and E-V68
From the line of Clemens Riehle of Wagshurts, Baden and Southwestern Ohio. Autosomal DNA matches (primarily on Ancestry.com) link to other Riehle family members back through Johann Georg Riehle (1770–1849) with descendants in Ohio, NY, Indiana, Kentucky, Arizona, etc. See next block re. DNA matches through Mathias Riehle.
(same as above)
From the line of Felix and Leonhard Riehle of Wagshurts, Baden and Southeastern Indiana. Descendants spread to Wisconsin and other parts of the country. The common ancestor with Clemens and Johann Georg Riehle (above) is Mathias Riehle (1697-1748). It is unlikely that E-V13 in both lines is coincidental.
R – S6168 – Subclade of R1b1a1a2a1a2c, aka R1b-L21, aka R1b-M529From the line of Bartholomew Riehle of Offenburg, Baden with descendants in Ross County Ohio, Farming Minnesota, North Dakota and elsewhere. There is a second, older (less detailed) reading of R1b1 from another Bartholomew Riehle descendant, however this less specific haplagroup reading might instead link to the one below from a Württemberg Riehle, or to neither.

There is also autosomal DNA information available suggesting there might be a direct, all male-male DNA link between the Wagshurts line and the line of Bartholomew Riehle. See Article.
R-M405, aka R-U106, aka R1b1-S21, aka R1b1b2a1a1 From a Riehle in Germany near Stuttgart. We welcome other Württemberg or other German Riehle descendants to participate.

Come on, Riehle boys, help us out with this. Please reply below with your information.  Mark it “CONFIDENTIAL” if you want to correspond but do not want your response to appear in the Reply area of this page.

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