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About the Editor

Nick Riehle is the Editor & Webmaster for Riehle.Net. His Riehle lineage is:

Clemens Riehle (1833-1927)
(Clemens is our Immigrant Ancestor; his lineage
back several centuries can be found at this link)
Francis A. Riehle (1963-1951)
Albert J. Riehle (1886-1952)
(Photo below)
Joseph E. Riehle (1918-1983)
(Photo below)
Joseph N. (Nick) Riehle

Joseph E. Riehle (center) with friends from home while
working at the top secret “Rad Lab” at MIT c.1943
(Click on Photo for more about the Rad Lab)

Martha LeSaint Riehle is the editor’s mother and was Joseph E. Riehle’s wife. We have more about Martha and her ancestry here (Photo 2003)

Albert & Johanna’s
Wedding – 1909
Albert Riehle with Muskey c.1950 at his island on Lake of the Woods, Ontario
Albert’s wife, Johanna Entner Riehle – c.1960

– Click any of the above to enlarge –

Nick Riehle has been married to Janet Curry Riehle for 48 years as of August 2023.

Janet & Nick – Hurricanes Playoff Hockey Tailgating
Janet’s Birthday – April 2002
Nick & Janet – Queenstown, New Zealand
April 2015
Kids – 1999
Clockwise from Upper Left: Jen, Mike Bob, Greg

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March 9, 2024 5:46 pm

Hello, my grandfather was Richard Joseph Riehle from Owensville, I believe I might be able to direct you to someone who can give you more information about our lineage.