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Felix Riehle and Family

Wagshurst, Baden to Ripley County Indiana – Seeding Riehle Families in Indiana, Iowa and Wisconsin

Felix Riehle (1796-1868) immigrated to the town of Morris in Ripley County Indiana from Wagshurst, Baden, Germany in 1847 following his sister Martha (Riehle) Mundy’s move to Indiana with her husband and family in 1831. Today there are many Riehle family members in the Ripley County area, including Morris, Batesville and Oldenburg, who descended from these immigrants.  

Felix and his wife Helena Eckstein (1793-1896) had seven children, all born in Wagshurst before they immigrated to America. While most of his children remained in Indiana, their son Conrad (1828-1881) moved to Spillville, Iowa and started an extended Riehle family in and around that community.

Felix and Helena’s son Leonhard remained in Indiana and with his wife, Magdelena Voegele, had 13 children.  Five of their son however did not stay in Indiana and instead moved northwest into Wisconsin (see story). Among these, Andrew F. Riehle eventually settled in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin.

Leonhard & Magdelena (Voegele) Riehle with Several Children – 1887
Sitting: Leonhard & Magdelena – Standing: Bernard, Anthony, Laurentius, Mary, Leonard

(This photo also appeared in Riehle Family History 1697-1999 by Dennis J. RIehle)

Dennis Riehle is a descendant of Felix through his son Leonhard and and is the author/compiler of a book entitled, Riehle Family History 1697-1999. The book primarily focuses on this segment of the family. Copies are available at the above link.


Y-DNA detail available for Felix
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Christi Klug
Christi Klug
January 5, 2024 8:37 pm

Hello! My name is Christine Klug. I am 23 and I live in central Ohio. Felix Riehle is my great great great great grandpa. Generose Riehle Married Linus Weisenbach, and they had my Grandmother, Julie Weisenbach. She later got married to a Klug and thats why my last name is Klug. Im very happy to come across this site. my mom has some riehle pictures and i will be doing my best to get them to the owner of this site.