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Clemens Riehle – Wagshurst to Southern Ohio – 1833 – 1927

Clemens Riehle – 1924

Clemens Riehle  (See Ancestry) was born November 20, 1833 in Wagshurst Baden, son of Johann Georg Riehle (1795 – 1859) and Maria Anna Kraus (1799 – 1836).  He emigrated to the United States in 1854 and within a few years settled in Perintown Ohio, about 20 miles east of Cincinnati.  He married (1) Cornelia Mohr (1836 – 1867) in 1860, the daughter of Johann Mohr and Maria Götz, with whom he had 4 children.  Cornelia was born March 14, 1836 in Dayton, OH, and died October 17, 1867 in Perintown.  In 1869 he married (2) Philomena Weidemer (1832 – 1908) and they had 3 children together. Clemens died February 21, 1927 in Milford, Ohio at age 93.

Life and Death of Clemens Riehle
From The Milford Record – February 24, 1927 

Perintown Farm House & Property
Long time home of Clemens Riehle & Several Descendants

First Sons – From Clemens Through Seven Generations

Francis A. Riehle Family
(Francis was Clemens’ eldest son)

Wagshurst, Baden, Germany
A Riehle Ancestral Home & Birthplace of Clemens Riehle

Ancestors of Clemens Riehle

Descendants of Clemens Riehle

Cornelia Mohr with twin
sister Elizabeth

Cornelia was Clemens’
first wife and mother to
four of his children.

Clemens on picnic – 1921

Clemens and Family were early members of St. Philomena
Catholic Church in Stonelick, OH

Grave of Clemens, second wife Philomena, and daughter Tillie
at St. Philomena Church

The pictures of the historic marker from St. Philomena’s 
and the gravestone provided by Riehle.Net. The
photo of Edward, Francis and Elizabeth was provided
by Kitsy Osborne Parrish. All other photographs on this
page provided courtesy of Mary Riehle Heink

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