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Wagshurst, Baden

Wagshurst, Baden is a small hamlet in the present-day Germany Federal State of Baden-Württemberg. During most of the 19th century, when many of its sons and daughters emigrated to the United States, it was part of The Grand Duchy of Baden (see Baden – A Brief History)

In 1984, with a bit of determination and perhaps more luck, Dan Riehle(1) discovered the connection between his ancestor, Clemens Riehle, and Wagshurst, setting off a cascade of genealogical discovery. We have since identified a number of additional emigrants from Wagshurst and explored the town. We share some of that with you here…

If you know of other immigrant from Wagshurst, please leave a reply below.

Please see our page on Riehle Y-Haplogroups for information about Wagshurst Riehle Y-DNA or leave a comment for more information.

(1) Ancestry of Dan Riehle (Daniel J. Riehle): Joseph E., Albert J, Francis A., and Clemens.
(2) Information the Wagshurst Coat of Arms provided by Ralf Hartemink via email (December 31, 2003) and from his website

Coat of Arms – Wagshurst, Baden, Germany – The Arms were proposed and adopted in 1913. The staff is taken from the seal of the village dating from 1811. The meaning of the staff is uncertain but likely symbolises the power of the local council, similar to a sceptre for royalty.(2) 

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