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Lost from Wagshurst, Baden

A number of years ago, Joan Riehle Ruse (now deceased) prepared a list of Riehles and Riehle relatives that moved from Wagshurst, Baden or the surrounding area. If you have information on any of these folks, please comment below.

My great-grandfather, Clemens Riehle, and his brother, Martin Riehle, emigrated in the 1850s from the village of Wagshurst, in Baden, Germany.  Many of their cousins and other relatives also emigrated to America, but in over twenty years of research, I have not been able to find them in this country.

Following is a list of Riehle family descendants who left southwest Germany for America. Entries in the Catholic Parish registers of the villages of Wagshurst and Renchen in Baden stated that these persons left for America, and in some case, the date is mentioned.

I have listed these persons in the hope that someone searching for their German ancestors might recognize the names, or researchers might check the source records available to them in their area to determine if any of these persons settled near them.

Any information anyone can supply will be greatly appreciated.

Joan Riehle Ruse

The following is the list of emigrants provided by Joan:

  • MUNDY, LUDWIG BONIFACE, born 1812 Wagshurst; married there in 1839 to Maria Josefa HURST, left for America 2 September 1839 with daughter, Balbina MUNDY.
                FOUND? – A Mundy family descendent has information suggesting that this couple died in an accident shortly after arriving in America. If you have additional information, PLEASE COMMENT BELOW!
  • LAMPERT, ALOYSIUS, born 1864 Wagshurst; to America 1883
    FOUND – Settled in Norwood OH (near Cincinnati). Married Alwina Leisner 1866–1920. Had six children. Aloysius (aka Alois) died 9 June 1920. Contact us for more information.
  • HURST, ANTON, b. 1787 Wagshurst; married there 1811 to Maria Barbara KIENZ, went to America 1830 with four children: Prisca HURST, b. 1809; Johan Georg HURST, b. 1815; Katharina HURST b. 1818 & Brigitta HURST, b. 1820
  • SEILER, SIMON & wife Isabella RIEHLE, b. 1811 – to America
  • BEHRLE, LUDOVICA, b. 1812 Wagshurst; married there to Lorentz FRICK or FRUH – to America
  • HUBER, CLEMENS, b. 1815 Wagshurst ; son of Christian HUBER and Maria Theresia RIEHLE. To USA with brothers: Benedict HUBER , born 1818 and Mathias HUBER, born 1823
  • RIEHLE, RUDOLPH, born 1834 Wagshurst – to America
  • RIEHLE, HYAZINTH, born 1786 Wagshurst; married there to Katharina HURST, To America 18 October 1847/48. along with children: Martin RIEHLE b. 1819 & wife Franziska HURST, and daughters, Maria Anna RIEHLE b. 1826 and Isabella Riehle b. 1811 – FOUND (see article) – also see daughter Klotilde Riehle below (apparently emigrated at a different time from Hyazinth and siblings).
  • Klotilde RIEHLE, b. 1822 & husband Gregor WAHLE & child, Hermione WAHLE, b. 1845 – Recently found, also in Rochester NY
  • SPAETH, ANTON, born 1843 Wagshurst; died unmarried 1870, age 27 years in America – left Wagshurst June 1866
    A number of folks from this area with surname Spaeth ended up in Ripley County Indiana. One man with these birth and death years (but spelled Späth) shows his death back in Wagshurst. If anyone has clarity on this please comment below.
  • RIEHLE, AGATHA, born 1825 Wagshurst & her brother, Gregor RIEHLE – to USA
  • BERGER, ANDREAS, born 1825 Wagshurst, s/o Christian BERGER & Maria Eva RIEHLE
  • BERGER, THOMAS, brother to Andreas above, born 1830 Wagshurst; married there in 1853 to Amalia HUBER – to America
  • BOSCHART, FRANZ XAVIOR, born 1828 Renchen, Baden; “died in America 20 December 1902” son of Johan BOSCHART & Maria Franciska RIEHLE
  • BRANDSTETTER, PHILLIP, b. 1867 Renchen;- to America
  • BAUMERT, LUDWIG, b. 1879 – to America 18 January 1927;
  • BAUMERT, ANNA MAGDALENA – (SISTER ISABELLA) b. 1885 Renchen; went to America 1929; died in America 1961
  • BAUMERT, HELENA ANNA, b. 1911 Renchen; to America 18 January 1927
  • ECHELE, KAROLINA, b. 1820 Wagshurst; mar. in Wagshurst 1843 SEBASTION GOEPP/GOPP  – to Jasper, Indiana 16 January 1847 (search of Dubois County, Indiana, records reveals nothing)
  • LITSCH, MARTIN, b. 1862 – to USA 1883
  • BAUMERT, DAMASCUS, b. 1838 Wagshurst – to America 1865
  • WEISENBACH, KONRAD, b. 1860 Wagshurst – to USA 1881
  • WEISENBACH, ANTON, b. 1862 Wagshurst – toAmerica 1884
  • WEISENBACH, MAGDALENA, b. 1901 Wagshurst; married there FREDERICK BERGER – to Buffalo, NY – (no record found there)
  • HURST, FRANZ, b. 1897 Wagshurst; “died in USA 1940″‘ married (to whom?) in 1925 in Germany
  • SERMERSHEIM, FRANZ JOSEF, b. 1854 Wagshurst – went to America
    DOLL, ANTON, b. 1788, with sister, GENOFEVA DOLL, b. 1791 & sister, EVA DOLL, b. 1793 with her husband, ANTON HARTER – all went to America FOUNND!

  • SERMERSHEIM, VITAL, b. 1777 Wagshurst; “died 1855 in Indiana”; married 1801 in Wagshurst to Christina LORENZ who died in 1830, widow of Mathias Eckstein – Vital to USA with son NIKOLAUS
  • SERMERSHEIM on ship “Formosa” from Havre, France to New York 18 July 1836. Nikolaus’ wife was Anna BECKERT & their children who went to America with them were  SEVERN SERMERSHEIM, b. 1833 &…
  • LITSCH, NICHOLAS – b. 1824 Wagshurst with brother, ERHARD LITSCH, b. 1828 and sister KATHARINA LITSCH, b. 1834 – all to America
  • ECKSTEIN, HELENA, b. 1871 Wagshurst – to America
  • BOSCHERT, JOSEF, b. 1860 Wagshurst to America 1884
  • HURST, KATHARINA, b. 1820 – with sister FRANZISKA HURST, b. 1826 who “died in America” and brother LEOPOLD HURST b. 1840 – all to America on 29 March 1865
  • HURST, FRANCISKA, born 1858 Wagshurst – to America; with sister, EMMA HURST, b. 1864 Wagshurst
  • LITSCH, BERNHARD, b. 1824 Wagshurst – to America
  • HUBER, JUSTINA, b. 1835 Wagshurst & sister, THERESIA HUBER, b. 1836 
  • BERGER, ANDREAS, b. 1864 Wagshurst- to America 1881
                 Found in Ripley County, Indiana!
  • BERGER, AUGUST, b. 1795 – to America
  • BERGER, ALEXANDER, brother of August above, born 1802 Wagshurst & wife, VIKTORIA FRITSCH – & children, COLESTIN BERGER, b. 1829 and JUSTINA BERGER, b. 1830 – to America
  • DUPPS, GERMAN, born 1845 Waghurst – to America June 1866
  • SCHUTT, AMAND, b. 1837 Wagshurst “died in America 1917” and wife, SUSANNAH DUPPS, b. 1840 Wagshurst & children: SIGMUND SCHUTT, b. 1866 – to America 1882; MARTIN SCHUTT, b. 1867 – to America 1884; PETER SCHUTT , b. 1868, – to America
  • DOLL, JOSEF & wife JOHANNA BERGER, b. 1811 – to America 1836 FOUND (see comment below from Mark)

Again, if you have information on any of these folks, please comment below.

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November 29, 2021 2:30 am


Joseph Doll and Johanna Berger arrived in NY July 18, 1836. Although, the record lists her as being 21 on arrival. From what I can tell, but haven’t found records to back up the claims, Joseph and Johanna married April 26, 1936 in Achern. Apparently she died in 1847 in Ripley County Indiana. Joseph died December 29, 1860 in Morris, Ripley County, Indiana. I have had some difficulty going a little further back on them, however.