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Riehle Surname Project Established

November 1, 2022 – A “Riehle of Germanic Europe” Surname Project Has Been Established at Family Tree DNA in Cooperation with Riehle.Net to Explore Y-DNA Haplogroup Lineages Associated with the Riehle Surname.

Family Tree DNA has authorized the formation of a surname project to explore the genetic roots of people with the Riehle surname as well as related surnames such as Rhule, Riehl, Reel, Reely or similar. The project name, “Riehle of Germanic Europe” distinguishes it from the more Irish/British focused “Riley Surname Project” under which our surname had previously been grouped.

Riehle.Net had applied for the establishment of the new surname project to provide greater exposure to our efforts to recruit Y-chromosome haplogroup test subjects as we confidentially explore the genetic roots of various Family Segments or others with the Riehle or related surnames. (Family Tree DNA characterizes Family Segments as family contingents.)

Family Tree DNA is a preeminent organization in genetic genealogy and related scientific circles for the exploration of Y-chromosome and mitochondrial DNA haplogroups. Family Tree provides intermediate and full-detail testing options for the determination of such haplogroup membership for individuals. Perhaps more importantly, the organization groups, analyzes, and shares the results of their membership’s haplogroup data, adding to the global scientific understanding of Y-DNA and mtDNA mutations and migration patterns. This is done while protecting the privacy of members according to permission profiles established by each individual member.

Please leave a comment below if you have a question or if you wish to be contacted by email to further discuss participation in, or a research donation for the Family Tree DNA Riehle of Germanic Europe Research Project.

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