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Riehle.net connects you with the broader Riehle family, providing Riehle related stories, personal glimpses and photographs while facilitating research into your genealogy and genetic-genealogy and providing a forum for you to share your stories and findings.

Ignaz Henry Riehle family members, Indiana, 1890s
(Photo from Brian Riehle via Ancestry.com)
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Our site has been online since before the turn of the century but over the last couple years we have implemented new formats for existing content and are compiling new content, including a greater focus on individual Riehle Family Segments and aspects of genetic genealogy.

The focus on Family Segments generally includes information on the related Immigrant Ancestors and family trees we or others maintain for these immigrants, their Old World ancestors, and their New World descendants.  

Our expanded focus on genetic genealogy reflects the increasing easy of genetic testing and the explosion in genetic data and genetic matches available to us online. Since our site is primarily focused on the Riehle surname and since surnames in our society tend to follow the male-to-male lineage, we are attempting to trace the Y-DNA haplogroups within and among the Riehle Family Segments, but we also discuss autosomal DNA testing and matching services, both to link up with others having ancestry tracing back to the Riehle surname as well as for use exploring other branches of our respective family trees.

We continue to look for better options for your participation, encouraging our guests to provide comments, participate in genetic research and otherwise contribute to the site.

So please explore the site and feel free to leave comments or otherwise participate. We have had significant participation from near and distant cousins over the years, providing contributions concerning Immigrant Ancestors, ancestral lineage and DNA testing. We welcome more. Our goal is to continue to identify as many Immigrant Ancestors as possible and to have contacts within each family grouping and each Riehle family community in North America.

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Looking for Someone?
While we can’t capture information about all our Riehle ancestors we do have many identified. If you have someone you are looking for and don’t readily see them in the menus, try doing a search using the individual’s name (see right side of page). If you still don’t find who you are looking for, please leave a note below with the name and any other information you might be able to provide and we will see if we can help.

Have We Missed Someone?
If you have information on a Riehle Immigrant Ancestor or other noteworthy Riehle family member that we’ve missed, we’d like to hear about that also.

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georgia osborne parrish. (Kitsy)
georgia osborne parrish. (Kitsy)
December 16, 2020 2:35 pm

I have several photos of the F.A. Riehle family. My grandmother was Cornelia Riehle Widmeyer. If interested let me know where and how to share to this site.

Franz Altenwerth
February 10, 2020 10:31 am


ken berger
ken berger
May 27, 2019 12:16 pm

my family is from here way back to the 1700’s–berger