Martha LeSaint Riehle

Martha LeSaint Riehle was born September 3, 1918 and as as of this writing in 2021 is still very much with us.

Martha was the daughter of Joseph (1886-1952) and Mary (Deubel) LeSaint (1889-1979).

Mary Deubel’s First Communion – c.1902
(Click to enlarge)
Joe & Mary LeSaint Wedding
14 November, 1917

In early 2021 Martha received her second COVID vaccine which we would like to think marks the survival of her second pandemic, having survived the Spanish Flu of 1918-1919.

First Communion – Martha, with husband two rows back
…always a good student
Graduation – Summa Cum Laude in Mathematics
Wedding Day – Martha married Joseph Eugene Riehle on 18 October, 1941
(with Mary LeSaint, Marilyn Riehle & Bill Sheron)
Kids: Bill, Jim, Dan, Nick and…

More about Martha:

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