Martha Riehle’s 100th Birthday

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Happy birthday Martha!

Martha Riehle turned 100 on September 3, 2018 and family and friends gathered from far and wide to visit with her at several gatherings in the Milford Ohio area over the course of the Labor Day weekend. On Saturday afternoon most of Martha’s grandkids gathered to kick things off at the Home of Liz and Dan Ehrman while Martha and her 5 sons and daughters-in-law along with her niece Cathy Steinher had dinner in Mariemont, OH. The old folks then crashed the grandkids’ party at Liz and Dan’s and brought Martha with them.

So after a few beverages, the grandkids organize for pictures.

The next day held the main event with mass at St. Andrew’s church in Milford at 11:00 am, followed by a reception for Martha in the church basement.

Grandkids wait for the party to get started

The next morning (Monday, September 3, the actual birthday) there was a big, noisy family breakfast…

That evening, Martha went with Myles, Nicole, Bobby, Janet and Nick for for a quiet dinner in Milford…

It was a special weekend with a very special lady!

Thanks to all who helped organize or host, especially Melanie, Eileen and Liz.

Step Back 15 Years to
Martha’s 85th Birthday

Ancestry Notes:

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