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Martha’s Early Story

Sue Riehle put us on to a delightful series of pages in Martha’s own hand writing that discusses her family and her early years. Sue had received these pages from Melanie Riehle, who responded to our questions about the series as follows:

The info is from a “Grandmother Album” that Martha did when Elle was young (~5). Elle and I frequently take the book to SEM and read parts during our visit. Almost every time, it will jog Martha’s memory and she will remember another fact or circumstance. It has made the visits more engaging. Of course, you can use the info, although do you want the world to know your brother’s nickname was ChumChum?

Malanie Riehle
Email – April 24, 2024

And oh yes, Melanie, happy to spread the word about ChumChum. This is the first I’ve heard of it. So sad that Dan has passed away before I could confront him with this nickname face to face!

And here are the pages from Martha’s “Grandmother Album”…

– 1 –
– 2 –
– 3 –
– 4 –
– 5 –
– 6 –
– 7 –
– 8 –
– 9 –

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