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Bartholomew’s “Bible”

Bartholomew Riehle was educated at a religious (Roman Catholic) school near his home in Offenburg, Baden, Germany.  In 1810 he wrote a short “book” to meet ….

Martin Riehle (1831-1922)

From Wagshurst Baden Germany to Western New York Martin Riehle was born on November 11, 1831, in Wagshurst, Baden-Württemberg, Germany, son of  Johan Georg Riehle ….

Riehle Male (Y) Haplogroup

We are trying to get a better sense of the genetic ancestry of the Riehle line.  Clearly, even with the male (Y) haplogroup we are not ….

DNA Services

We are interested in your experiences and opinions concerning the major DNA testing services.  Typically we think of and 23andMe but there are others. Readers ….