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More Riehle’s from Baden

Three sons of Bernard Riehle (1794–1860) and Theresa Ernst (1796–1855) of Baden emigrated to America: Joseph Riehle (1831–1893) – Article publishedBIRTH 02 MAR 1831 • ….

Hyazinth Riehle – Wagshurst to Where?

Hyazinth Riehle was born September 12, 1786 in Wagshurst Baden. Twenty-five years later he married Katharina Hurst either in Wagshurst or perhaps in nearby Achern. ….

Johann Georg Riehle of Wurtemberg – Ancestors & Descendants

Selected Ancestors Johannes Riehle (1646-1712)Paternal Line 4th great-grandfather|Johann Georg Riehle (1695-1773)Paternal Line 3rd great-grandfather|Michael Riehle (1735-Paternal Line 2nd great-grandfather|Johann Georg Riehle (1774-1854)Paternal Line Great-grandfather |Johann Adam ….