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Wagshurst Baden Y-DNA Haplogroup

As discussed elsewhere on this site, it is hypothesized that the Riehle male lineage out of Wagshurst Baden descends from a Roman Legionnaire who was garrisoned in the Swabia area in or around the second century CE.

Two descendants of Mathias Riehle (1697–1748) have done in depth Y-DNA SNP analyses through Family Tree DNA (Big-Y 700). Both have been placed in E-FTB92833, a newly created subclade of E-V13 with distinct mutations held by, and only by, these two Riehle men. While not all Riehle men with genealogical information connecting them back to Wagshurst are going to have the same haplogroup connection (example discussed here), the fact that two men with very different lineages (6th cousins), with the most recent common ancestor (MRCA) born in Wagshurst in 1697, suggests that this haplogroup is widespread among Riehle men who lived in and emigrated from the town.

The clade lineage of E-FTB92833 is as follows:

E-V13 – 4133 Big-Y testers / 1173 total subclades   (Google E-V13 for more information)
(Counts change regularly with new testers so those shown here and below may not be current)

 E-CTS8814 – Similar counts

  E-CTS5856  – Similar counts

   E-BY4877 – 2612 Big-Y testers / 1106 subclades

    E-BY3880 – 2528 Big-Y testers / 1069 subclades

     E-FTT49 – 1234 Big-Y testers / 495 subclades

      E-Z5018 – Similar counts

       E-S2979 – Similar counts

        E-FGC11457 – 352 Big-Y testers / 146 subclades

         E-FGC11451 – 303 Big-Y testers / 142 subclades

          E-FGC11450 – 228 Big-Y testers / 102 subclades

            E-BY4793 – 100 Big-Y testers / 61 subclades – See “Legions

            E-BY165986 – 9 Big-Y testers / 6 subclades 
– All testers with identified male homelands link to Swabia
– 1 tester with terminal SNPs only – Surname Wright

              E-BY165854 – 2 Big-Y testers / no subclades  – both tester with terminal SNPs only
 – Surnames: Mettler & Rose/Owens

              E-FTB1593 – 6 Big-Y testers / 4 subclades – no tester with terminal SNPs only
– Subclades include surnames Riehle & variations on Seigler

                  E-FTB92833 – 2 Big-Y testers – no subclades – both tester with terminal SNPs only 
– Surname: Riehle (Wagshurst line)

We encourage other Riehle males with E-V13 Y-DNA, or any other identified Y-DNA, or with an interest in learning more about their Y-DNA lineage to contact us as we explore the Y-DNA haplogroups associated with our surname.

Riehle Y-NDA Haplogroup Project

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