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Albert & Johanna Entner Riehle

Albert Joseph Riehle was the eldest child of Francis Albert Riehle (1863–1951) and Anna Catharine Rapp (1866–1916). Born 11 December 1886, Albert married Johanna Mary ….

Hans-Martin Riehle

Ancestry & Contributions to this Site Hans-Martin Riehle has been a contributor to Riehle.Net since 2003. His ancestry and contributions are provided below, with virtually ….

IIgnaz (Henry) Riehle – Paternal Lineage

Ignaz Heinrich (Henry) Riehle 1828-1903 Josef Riehle 1803-1872 Michael Riehle 1770-1830 Martin Johann Riehle 1741-1830 Johannes Adam Riehle 1704-1782 Johannes Riehle 1674-1755 Markus Riehle 1650-1732