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Descendants of Felix Riehle

The following provides two generations of descendants for Felix Riehle. Click to enlarge… Notes#1 See article on Conrad Riehle#2 See more detail on Leonhard Riehle ….

Martha LeSaint Riehle Ancestry

Martha is the daughter of Joseph LeSaint and Mary Deubel. Joseph was the son of John LeSaint and the grandson of Franz LeSaint, who was ….

Riehle Family Trees

We are listing here Riehle related public family trees on Ancestry.com, or elsewhere as available. These trees or the various links provided for them are ….

Bartholomew’s “Bible”

Bartholomew Riehle was educated at a religious (Roman Catholic) school near his home in Offenburg, Baden, Germany.  In 1810 he wrote a short “book” to meet ….