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Ancestors of Clemens Riehle

Also the ancestry of his full brother, Martin Riehle

Paternal Lineage for
Clemens & Martin Riehle

Johannes Riehle 1630-1674

Markus Riehle 1650-1732
Johannes Riehle 1674-1755
Mathias Riehle 1697-1748

Verified through Y-DNA testing
Bartholomäus S. Riehle 1732-1798

Johannes Riehle 1756-1828

Johan Georg Riehle 1795-1859

Clemens Riehle 1833-1927

All of the above born in Wagshurst, Baden

Y-DNA information is available for this lineage back to Mathias Riehle
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More information on Clemens’s and Martin’s Ancestry
(With Clemens’ First Generation Descendants)

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Information with DNA support has high confidence however older entries without DNA support are
verified for reasonableness but we welcome additional details or corrections.

For more information on the lineage for Clemens and Martin, including maternal lineage information, please see Trees or leave comment below for assistance.

Much of this information was made possible by Dan Riehle (Joseph E., Albert J., Frances A., Clemens) who discovered Clemen’s ancestral home in Wagshurst, Baden. Additional research was carried out by Joan Riehle Ruse and various contributors to Ancestry.com. More detail is available upon request.

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