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Our Focus for Riehle.Net

The Riehle.net site has always been about connecting with Riehle family history and while we certainly continue with that overarching focus, since our site redesign in 2018 we have tried to be somewhat more systematic in our focus on individual Family Segments, their ancestry back in Europe, and their descendants in America.  By “Riehle Family Segment” we refer to a family of descendants from a given Riehle “Immigrant Ancestor” that came from Europe and/or settled in a particular community. It is difficult to identify every individual with Riehle ancestry who came to America, but we attempt to identify anyone who carried the Riehle surname and had children and grandchildren whom we have been able to identify. Subsequent generations of Riehle descendants (i.e., you, our readers) can thus use our site to do research, connecting their ancestry back to the Immigrant Ancestor, for whom we attempt to provide a level of connection further back into Germany.

Among the ways we do this is through questions, comments and contributions from our guests. Virtually every page on the site has an area in which you can discuss your family background, compare your understanding with the content provided, augment our content with additional information and ask questions of us and the other readers.

We are also seeking increased participation from the more serious genealogy hobbyists who have an interest in the family.  We are looking for such individuals to participate with some or all of the following:

  • Host blog pages focused on their Immigrant Ancestor and the associated Family Sagment.
  • Maintain Ancestry.com based, publicly available family trees for their Family Segment, to be recognized and referenced by Riehle.net.
  • Publish articles on individuals, places and/or events in the history of their Family Segment.

Also more recently, we have begun to incorporate aspects of genetic genealogy into the site as appropriate, including our thoughts about how to use DNA testing in genealogical research and discussions attempting to tie Riehle Family Segments to Y-DNA haplogroups.

Please reply below regarding any interest you may have in participating, or forward a link for this page to family members who might be interested in participating.

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