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Albert & Johanna Entner Riehle and Their 39 Grandchildren

Albert Joseph Riehle was born December 11, 1886 in Perintown, Ohio, the eldest child of Francis Albert Riehle (1863–1951) and Anna Catharine Rapp (1866–1916). He married Johanna Mary Entner on 9 June 1909. Johanna was the born April 12, 1885, just across the East Fork of the Little Miami River from Perintown in Union Township. She was the daughter of Jacob Entner (1851–1914) and Alberta Josepa Morscher (1856–1939). Albert and Johanna had eight children and 39 grandchildren. They died July 16, 1952 and May 30, 1967, respectively.

In 2023 Albert and Johanna’s grandson Robert (Bob) Chambers compiled a list of the grandchildren, with names, dates of birth, and certain additional information. To protect privacy, this is password protected but please contact Bob or leave a comment below and we can provide a link to the page along with the required password.

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