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More Photos at Perintown Farm

Soon after Clemens Riehle arrived in the Cincinnati area he purchased a farm east of Cincinnati in the small town of Perintown. We have a page that discusses that farm more extensively, including the fact that the farm remains in the family, owned and occupied by Theresa Riehle Randolph and her family.

Theresa recently posted some photographs on Facebook and she was good enough to share those with us, along with several others, all of which we are providing on this page. Thanks again Theresa!

These first several pictures were the ones posted on Facebook. The first one is from 1918, the next two from 2015, so about 100 years later but very close in proximity.

Theresa’s dad, Charlie, at the left plays in the snow with two brothers, Bill (youngest) and Leo.
(“F.A.R.” is their father, Francis Albert Riehle, first son of Clemens)
Stephen and Nicholas Randolph play where their grandfather played nearly 100 years before.
Clearly the dog at least needed a rest, with the old house in background
Here are the same three boys about eight years earlier
Family at the farm, 1917. Left to right:
Francis, Ray, Ferdinand Riedel (married to Rose), George Widmeyer (married to Cornelia), Mary, Rose, and Cornelia, with Leo, Charlie, and Bill (“Willie”) together again.
Anna Catharine Rapp (wife of Francis) had died the previous December at age 50.
Francis at the right with his cousin John Riehle visiting from Buffalo.
One estimate was c.1914 or it might have been during John’s visit in 1910

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