Enlargement of Photo of Riehle Family & Farm – Parintown, OH

Close up of the F.A. Riehle / Clemens Riehle Family in Perintown, Ohio 
Left to right:  [unknown woman], Clarence, Bert, Lou, Anna Catharine (Rapp) Riehle, Cornelia in front of Anna,
Rosalia in carriage, John, George C. Riehle, Francis A. Riehle.  Sitting in the back by the fence is Clemens Riehle.
Per Die Familie Riehle (c. Joan Riehle Ruse 1982) the man leaning on the fence was a neighbor, Mr. Carr(?)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Cornelia was born October 1893 and Rosalia in March 1895 so we
estimate this was taken late in the summer of 1895

If anyone knows the identity of the lady on the left or the
lady behind Bert, please reply below.

George C. married Katherine (Kate) Agnes Schmidt (1874–1899) in early 1896. It is possible she could be the women at the far left.
It is also possible that the older woman behind Bert is Philomena (Weidemer) Riehle (1832-1908), Clemens’ second wife.
Please comment if you have more information.

More about the Old House and Farm

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