Immigrant Ancestors from Möhringen, Württemberg

We recently (2019) traced two Immigrant Ancestors back to the town of Maehringen (Möhringen) in Württemberg. At the time of their emigration to the USA , this was in the Kingdom of Württemberg (1806–1918) and now it is part of the Federal State of Baden-Württemberg. The modern town of Möhringen is within, but on the southern outskirts of, the Municipality of Stuttgart, the capital of both the old Kingdom and the modern Federal State.

Town of Mohringen
Coat of arms and location within modern Stuttgart
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Möhringen c.1905
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Much of what we recently learned came with considerable help from Hans-Martin Riehle, a Riehle family member who lives in Stuttgart and has worked for a number of years on Riehle family ancestry in Europe as well as family members who went to America. Hans-Martin first contacted Riehle.Net in 2003, looking for information on Johann Jakob Riehle (1847-1899) and his half brother, Johann Michael Riehle. Not much progress was made on this from our end until recently when Riehle descendants from Delaware contacted us to see if we could help locate Johann Jakob. After some investigation and an exchange with Hans-Martin, we confirmed the connection back to Mohringen, from where Johann Jakob emigrated in 1866.

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Unrelated to this, while researching other ancestors we noted an obituary for a Riehle from “Milford, Defiance, Ohio”. The Town of Milford in Southern Ohio has quite a bit of history for the family, but the author of this page (who grew up in the area) did not recognize the individual named. Further investigation showed that there is a Milford Township in Defiance County, Ohio, located much further north, about 20 miles northeast of Fort Wayne Indiana. Further research showed this family to have originated with Johann Adam Riehle (1864-1926) who arrived in America from Möhringen in 1880.

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Thanks to an extensive family tree provided by Hans-Martin Riehle we have been able to determine that Johann Jakob and Johann Adam were related and have details of their ancestry in Möhringen back to the early 1600s. The two emigrants were second cousins, once removed, with Johann Adam 17 years younger than Johann Jakob and born just two years before the later emigrated.

There are likely more Riehle immigrants that came out of Möhringen included in this tree so we will continue to explore and highlight any of these on our Family Segment Page where we list known Immigrant Ancestors. Meanwhile if you have ancestors who came from Möhringen we may be able to help you learn more about them and if you have information on these ancestors we would like to hear from you (below) so we can identify additional Family Segments in America.

Distant Relatives
This photograph was taken at a family reunion at Heidenheim, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. The picture was provided by Hans-Martin Riehle (brown shirt, top row, right side of photo) from a gathering organized by his sister Karolin Riehle (third from the left) with some 35 people from the paternal (Riehle) side of their family.

Ancestry Tree Link: – Mähringen Riehle’s

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