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Birthday & Family Reunion: 1945

We have some shots of the F.A. Riehle family at a reunion in May 1945. It was held in honor of Francis’ 82nd birthday, but coming just after V.E. day with hopes high for victory in the Pacific, it would have been a good time to gather and celebrate!

The party was at F.A.’s home on Brandon Ave. in Milford Ohio, just a few miles from the Perintown home that Clemens built, in which Francis lived much of his life.

Francis and Children
This photo came to us via an Ancestry.com contributor, Elaine (Wilk) Maloney, who was married to Thomas Maloney for 48 years. Thomas was the g-grandson of Martin Riehle, F.A. Riehle’s uncle. Since the daughters have on the same dresses as in the previous photos, we assume this is from the same party.

Except for the final one, the above and many other F.A. Riehle photos, including above legend, were provided by Mary Riehle Heink (#2 in top photo).

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