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DNA Services

DNA Services

We are interested in your experiences and opinions concerning the major DNA testing services.  Typically we think of Ancestry.com and 23andMe but there are others. Readers will be interested in features you liked and disliked, expectations met, and disappointments encountered. Comments can be specific to a particular service or more generally address the exercise of DNA testing and discovery.  Please share your experience by replying below.

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Ervin Wegscheid
Ervin Wegscheid
July 14, 2020 10:41 am
Reply to  Nick

Hi Nick I just found this website and saw your content. I too did a DNA through ancestry.com. Furthermore the surname idea is quite important. I descend from Barthomolew Riehle through the females..so my surname is nowhere to be found in the Riehle conversations here. I will give you some info. Barthomew Riehle had a daughter Cecilia who married a man named Frank Kessler (currently I am in contact with the Koessler from the home town of Frank Kessler). They had a daughter Ephrosinia (who my dad remembers because she lived until 1945) who married a man named Michael Hansen.… Read more »