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Category: Areas where We Settled

Towns or regions in North America where Riehle immigrants and their descendants settled

Clemens Riehle’s Home & Farm

Go to Clemens Riehle main page Clemens Riehle immigrated to the United States in 1854 and after brief stops in Buffalo, NY and Cincinnati he ….

Conrad Riehle (1828 – 1881)

Wagshurst, Baden to Spillville, Iowa;His Life and Descendants    Prepared by Dorothy (Riehle) Call Conrad1 Riehle was born November 24, 1828* in Wagshurst, Baden, Germany1,2, and died August 06, 1881 in ….

Wagshurst, Baden

Wagshurst, Baden is a small hamlet in present-day Germany Federal State of Baden-Württemberg. During most of the 19th century, when many of its sons and daughters ….