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Articles and posts related to ancestors (other than first generation immigrants), the areas they came from and/or the places they settled.

Johann Georg Riehle of Wurtemberg – Ancestors & Descendants

Selected Ancestors Johannes Riehle (1646-1712)Paternal Line 4th great-grandfather|Johann Georg Riehle (1695-1773)Paternal Line 3rd great-grandfather|Michael Riehle (1735-Paternal Line 2nd great-grandfather|Johann Georg Riehle (1774-1854)Paternal Line Great-grandfather |Johann Adam ….

Martha LeSaint Riehle’s Ancestry

Martha is the daughter of Joseph LeSaint and Mary Deubel. Joseph was the son of John LeSaint and the grandson of Franz LeSaint, who was ….

Francis A. Riehle & Family

Francis Albert Riehle was born on May 18, 1863, in Perintown, Ohio, son of Clemens Riehle, 29 and Cornelia (Mohr) Riehle, 27. He married Anna ….