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Category: Other Ancestors

Articles and posts related to ancestors (other than first generation immigrants), the areas they came from and/or the places they settled.

Sons of the Legion?

Do some or most Riehle male lineages, and other identified lineages with surnames Mettler, Brentz and Sigle (now more commonly Siegle), descend from a man ….

Martha LeSaint Riehle

Martha LeSaint Riehle was born September 3, 1918 and as as of this writing in 2021 is still very much with us. Martha was the ….

More Photos at Perintown Farm

Soon after Clemens Riehle arrived in the Cincinnati area he purchased a farm east of Cincinnati in the small town of Perintown. We have a ….

Johann Georg Riehle of Wurtemberg – Ancestors & Descendants

Selected Ancestors Johannes Riehle (1646-1712)Paternal Line 4th great-grandfather|Johann Georg Riehle (1695-1773)Paternal Line 3rd great-grandfather|Michael Riehle (1735-Paternal Line 2nd great-grandfather|Johann Georg Riehle (1774-1854)Paternal Line Great-grandfather |Johann Adam ….

Five Riehle Brothers Move to Wisconsin

Joseph, William, Andrew, John and Felix Riehle were all sons of Leonard Riehle and grandsons of Felix Riehle. Felix and Leonhard settled in the town ….