Riehle Family Trees

We are listing here Riehle related public family trees on (or elsewhere if appropriate) that we have had a chance to review and which correspond to a reasonable extent to the designated “Riehle Family Segments“. There may in many cases be overlaps, but wherever available and appropriate, we will endorse a specific tree for each Segment.

It is clear to us that members of the individual Family Segments are typically better able to extend their trees, improve their accuracies, answer questions, etc. If you have a tree for any Segment that does not show an endorsed tree or which is marked “TEMPORARY” we would be interested in reviewing your tree and, hopefully, providing an endorsement. More generally, if you are interesting in otherwise providing input to or managing content for a Family Segment, please reply below.

To view these trees you will need to have access to the website:

Endorsed Family Trees:

Clemens Riehle – Wagshurst Baden Germany to Southern Ohio
Endorsed: Clemens Riehle (1833-1927) & Related – Wagshurst

Martin Riehle – Wagshurst Baden Germany to Western New York
Temporary: Clemens Riehle (1833-1927) & Related – Wagshurst

Felix Riehle – Wagshurst Baden Germany to Southern Indiana
Temporary: Clemens Riehle (1833-1927) & Related – Wagshurst

Conrad Riehle, Son of Felix  – Wagshurst Baden to Indiana & Iowa
Temporary: Clemens Riehle (1833-1927) & Related – Wagshurst

Andrew Riehle – Grandson of Felix who settled in Menomonee Falls, WI
Temporary: Clemens Riehle (1833-1927) & Related – Wagshurst

Joseph Riehle – Sabach (Achern) Baden to Lafayette Indiana
Temporary: Joseph Riehle (1831-1893) Achern, Baden to Lafayette IN

Bartholomew Riehle – Offenburg Baden to Ross County OH & Farming MN
Temporary: Bartholomew Riehle (1794-1876) – Offenburg

Adam Riehle – Wuerttemberg to Defiance County in Norther Ohio near the Indiana state line
Temporary: Adam Riehle – Wuerttemberg to Ohio 1905

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