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The site has always been about connecting with Riehle family history and we hope to continue that with a greater focus on individual Family Segments, their ancestry back in Europe, and their descendants in America.  By Riehle Family Segment we refer to a family of descendants from a given Riehle ancestor that came from Europe and/or settled in a particular community.

To do this, we seek the participation of serious genealogy hobbyists with an interest in the family.  We are looking for such individuals to participate with some or all of the following:

  • Host blog pages focused on their Immigrant Ancestor and the associated Family Sagment.
  • Maintain based, publicly available family trees for their Family Segment, to be recognized and referenced by
  • Publish articles on individuals and/or events in the history of their Family Segment.

And of course, we look for whatever new and interesting ideas you might want to bring to the site.

From such participants we look for reasonably good writing and editing skills, a commitment to maintain an ongoing focus on your family’s story and an interest in obtaining and publishing material from other members of your Riehle Family Segment. 

We welcome input from all of you with an interest in the family history and look for your participation through replies to any and all articles and posts.  With that said, we need a few people to step forward and sponsor the individual Family Segments is order to facilitate the process of Riehle family discovery and to provide a forum for those within each Family Segment to share what they know about the family.

Please reply below regarding any interest you may have in participating, or forward a link for this page to family members who might be qualified and interested in participating.

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