Andrew Riehle Family – Minnesota

Andrew Riehle Family – Minnesota

Post summarizes two email from Jim Riehle, descendent of Henry Riehle

Here’s a picture of my grandfather Henry, standing on far right. His mother, Sophia, is seated (wife of Andrew who was a son of Bartholomew). Others standing are, from left, Charlie, Ferdinand, and Frank Riehle. Seated next to his mother is Anselm.

This is estimated to have been taken in 1915, based on the facts that Andrew died in 1914 and Anselm left for North Dakota about 1916 and Henry about 1918.   Where?  Well, all of those sons were born in Stearns County, Minnesota, so most probably the picture was taken in a photography studio in the county seat, St. Cloud. 

Map showing location of St.Cloud, MN, approximately
66 miles northwest of Minneapolis   


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