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Secord Family Summary

Ambroise Sicard
Immigrant Ancestor
La Rochelle, France to New Rochelle, NY

~ ~ –

Ancestor to Janet Curry Riehle and her Many Riehle Children and Grandchild’

~ ~ ~

French Huguenot Persecution and Migration

Selected Family Tree Connections for Secord’s and Rousseau’s

Secord Tree back to 1610

Secord Immigrant Ancestor to Riehle’s

Ambroise Sicard 1631-1712
Daniel Secord 1672-1742
Daniel Secord Jr 1698-1765
Sgt. John Secord Sr. 1725-1804
Sgt. John Secord Jr. 1757-1830
John C. Secord 1786-1857
Matthew Brock Secord 1814-1892
Frances Lucy Secord 1841-1920
Edward Hammill Almas 1883-1941
Edna May Irene Almas 1904-1967
Grandmother of Janet Curry Riehle


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