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Category: Ancestral Areas in Europe

Articles and posts about towns or regions in Europe from which our ancestors came.

Sons of the Legions? ~ DRAFT ~

Do some or most Riehle male lineages, and other identified lineages with surnames Siegle and Mettler, descend from a Roman legionnaire recruited from the Balkans ….

Secord Family Summary

Ambroise SicardImmigrant AncestorLa Rochelle, France to New Rochelle, NY ~ ~ – Ancestor to Janet Curry Riehle and her Many Riehle Children and Grandchild’ ~ ….

Mähringen, Württemberg

Mähringen is in the district of Kusterdingen, about 48 km south of Stuttgart and 8 km southeast of Tübingen in the old Kingdom of Württemberg ….