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Articles and posts concerning DNA testing, connecting “DNA Relatives” and coordination of information through the website.

Hyazinth Riehle – Wagshurst to Where?

Hyazinth Riehle was born September 12, 1786 in Wagshurst Baden. Twenty-five years later he married Katharina Hurst either in Wagshurst or perhaps in nearby Achern. ….

Riehle Male Y-Haplogroups

We are trying to get a better sense for the genetic ancestry and commonality of the various Riehle lines. While autosomal DNA (atDNA) dilutes over a ….

DNA Services

We are interested in your experiences and opinions concerning the major DNA testing services.  Typically we think of and 23andMe but there are others. Readers ….

DNA Connections

We would like to facilitate use of the various DNA testing services to connect Riehle relatives. The obvious choices here seem to be and 23andMe ….