Joseph Riehle, Sr. – Baden Germany to Lafayette Indiana

Joseph Riehle was born in Baden, Germany in 1831, arriving in New York City in 1854.  Records indicate that he came from Sasbach, Achern, roughly 22 km south of Baden-Baden.  His wife and the mother of his seven (7) children was Victoria Schöettgen, born in 1834.  Although Victoria was from the same town, their first child was born in New York in 1859 so we don’t know if they were married in Germany or New York, but one can speculate that she may have followed him a few years after his arrival.  Joseph was also naturalized as a US citizen in New York in 1859.

Joseph Riehle
Victoria (Schöettgen)

By the time of the birth of their next child, Charles Anton Riehle in 1863, the family had moved to Lafayette Indiana. Generations of the family stayed on in Lafayette, where the great-grandson of Joseph and Victoria, James F. Riehle, would preside as mayor for 25 years (1971 – 1996).

We have no Riehle contacts in this community and so we would very much like to hear from Lafayette Riehle family members to get more color on the family there, past and present. Please reply below.

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