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Relationship: Sebastion Christian Riehle (1807-1883) and Johann Adam Riehle (1864-1926)

Although born more than a half a century apart, Sebastion Christian Riehle and Johann Adam Riehle were both Riehle’s born in Mähringen, Württemberg and both settled in or near Fort Wayne Indiana. You have to figure they are related, right? The closest relationship we have been able to discover however was a bit convoluted. They descended from two different lines of the Mähringen Riehle family, so not closely related along their paternal lineages. However Sabastion’s cousin, once removed, married Johann Adam’s second cousin. The marriage was between a Johann Konrad Grauer, son of Maria Margareta Riehle, and Anna Maria Ruckwied, granddaughter of Anna Maria Riehle. So small town, lots of Riehle’s.

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